Being a mum of three young children I wanted to invest my time and energy into products that can be versatile for all ages to enjoy. Whether it’s young children, time poor families, the elderly, the health conscious or the chronically ill, good food and health should be available to everyone. The broths I have created are packed with nutrients that can be easily absorbed in all ages and provide the building blocks for a healthy, strong body. The broths are made with free-range chicken, local vegetables and pasture raised beef.

After seeing the benefits people were getting with the broths, in 2018 I have launched the Pet Broth range to nourish & heal our pets as well as ourselves. Now we have healthy bone broths for the whole family!  The Pet Broths are good for digestive issues, joint, skin & coat health and general wellbeing and also fussy eaters. They are made with the same quality ingredients we use in our people broths.

My focus now is to provide people & their furry companions with products that can heal & nourish from the inside. I will continue to source the best quality, freshest local ingredients and make all our products with much care, time and love.

I hope you will join me on the healing journey.

Samantha Beard
Dip Nut., DBM

P: 1300 800 315

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