Some of the great feedback we’ve received:

“I met you at the Dog Lovers Show and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I found your pet broth. I have a 9yr old Pomeranian with a very sensitive stomach and goes off his food & water for days. It’s very distressing not being able to get his medication in to alleviate his symptoms until I found your broth! Thank you! Your broth has saved me and him. It’s such a relief to find something he will ingest and I was able to get dissolve his medication in it. I already thought your product was genius but now I will make sure my cupboard is stocked with it at all times!
Amanda & Winston

“These pet broths are fabulous! My dog absolutely loves it when I pour it over her dry food – it’s all gone in minutes. Her coat condition has also improved and she’s had far less skin irritations.”
Jo – mum to fur baby Lala

“Hi there, my name is Ted and I wanted to say a big THANK  YOU to The Art of Whole Food for the DELICIOUS pet broth.
I am quite the foodie and enjoy it most poured over my kibble and gobble it up in seconds!
More please!!” Ted Tales

“We started using The Art of Whole Food Pet Broths when our long haired Chihuahua Scout was recovering from her elbow operation to assist with the healing process and to build back strength. She totally loves it – we used it in conjunction with her Science Diet. Her coat looks a lot shinier and thicker after using it too. A winner all round!”

“I have two Viszla dogs who are very fussy eaters. Since I have added the pet broth to their daily dried food they actually do finish their meals and their bowls are licked clean to perfection. Thank you so much ‘Pet Broth’ for making mealtimes a happy and healthy time for my two dogs.”
Ute – mum to fur babies Felix & Lottie

“I just used the Chicken Bone Broth to make a Chicken and tamarind curry. Wow. Amazing result. The sauce was superb thanks to this ingredient.”
James Dorahy

“Loving the jellies… Finally a dessert I don’t have to feel guilty about!”
David Golshani- Manager at Priceline Pharmacy Casula

“I absolutely LOVE the mango, passionfruit, coconut Wellness Jelly! It’s a good post-workout snack”
Lola Christianson

“This broth is really very good!”
Alex Basile (9 years old)

“The chicken pho is out of this world! I’m keen to try the beef pho too”
Nanci Katra, Holistic Nutritionist at Mind.Body.Soul.Nutrition.

“After a long day at work it is great to know that dinner is already there. I throw in a small handful of cooked pasta into the beef bone broth with a few veggies and it’s good to go! I’ve even got my elderly father drinking a cup of broth a day, which has improved his health”
Agostino Chiarella- Pharmacist