Pet Broths

Bone broth is a nourishing addition to your pet’s diet that supports health and wellbeing. It is a perfect meal topper for fussy eaters and may assist those with sensitive digestive systems. Broth may also be beneficial for animals who are recovering from illness or transitioning to a raw food diet.
Bone Broth supports a healthy digestive system, a healthy immune system, joint and coat health and general health and wellbeing and is of course delicious.
No added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, non-GMO, grain-free.
Our broths for pets are made with the same quality ingredients we use in our people broths including free-range chicken and grass-fed beef.

“These pet broths are fabulous! My dog absolutely loves it when I pour it over her dry food – it’s all gone in minutes. Her coat condition has also improved and she’s had far less skin irritations.” Jo – mum to fur baby Lala.

“Hi there, my name is Ted and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to The Art of Whole Food for the DELICIOUS pet broth.
I am quite the foodie and enjoy it most poured over my kibble and gobble it up in seconds!
More please!!” Ted Tales.

“We started using The Art of Whole Food Pet Broths when our long haired Chihuahua Scout was recovering from her elbow operation to assist with the healing process and to build back strength. She totally loves it – we used it in conjunction with her Science Diet. Her coat looks a lot shinier and thicker after using it too. A winner all round!”

“I have two Viszla dogs who are very fussy eaters. Since I have added the pet broth to their daily dried food they actually do finish their meals and their bowls are licked clean to perfection. Thank you so much ‘Pet Broth’ for making mealtimes a happy and healthy time for my two dogs.” Ute – mum of fur babies Felix & Lottie.

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