Chicken Broth with Mung bean Fettuccine and Kale Chips

Recipe by Briana Bakaric


500ml The Art of Whole Food Chicken Broth
¼ tspn dried oregano leaves
½ punnet cherry tomatoes, halved
1 packet “Explore Asian” Mung bean fettuccine
3 stems kale
1 tspn coconut oil
Salt and pepper to taste


Bring water to the boil and cook Mung bean fettuccine to packet instructions. In another pot, bring the chicken broth to the boil and add oregano and tomatoes. Turn down low and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.  While fettuccine and broth are cooking, coat torn kale leaves in coconut oil and season with salt and pepper, heat them in a pan over medium heat until crispy.

Drain fettuccine, place in a serving bowl and pour over the hot broth. Place kale chips on the top and enjoy!